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Disposable Gloves

Brand: Portwest Model: A930
Premium high strength disposable gloves using innovative crystal grip technology. 7 mil thickness for exceptional strength. Highly durable synthetic nitrile compound make this glove three times stronger than standard nitrile. Silicone Free. Ideal for auto manufacture, electronics, and glass sectors...
Ex Tax:$20.42
Brand: Portwest Model: A925
Manufactured from synthetic nitrile rubber our disposable nitrile gloves eliminate the risk of allergic reactions associated with latex gloves. Textured finish provides enhanced fingertip grip and dexterity in both wet and dry conditions. 100 gloves per box.CLICK TO VIEW DATA SHEET..
Ex Tax:$14.56
Brand: Portwest Model: A905
Manufactured from high grade Poly-vinyl chloride, our Vinyl Disposable Gloves are super soft for superior user comfort and super stretchy to reduce hand fatigue. These gloves are latex free, smooth and non textured with a beaded cuff. 100 gloves per box.CLICK TO VIEW DATA SHEET..
Ex Tax:$6.88
Model: A910
Powdered Latex Disposable Glove is manufactured from genuine natural rubber (which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals), these gloves combine the highest degree of dexterity available with superior strength and comfort. The glove is non-sterile and can be used in Food Handling & Process..
Ex Tax:$10.59
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