There are several news around incidences where people continue to put their lives in danger because they have attempted to work against the forces of nature.

These are safety tips to take you through this rainy season. Water exudes an unconceivable force that could sweep or bring down the strongest building. Its better we stay safe during this rainy season by heeding to safety tips.

Don’t Touch Wires from Fallen Electricity Poles
Children are naturally inquisitive. When electric poles fall, they like to go to inspect. In the process they touch electric lines which may be live. This has claimed lives of many children and adults.

Children should be educated on the need to stay away from any electric wires from poles. They should stay away from water that accumulates around areas with electric poles. Fallen electric wires should be treated as live at all times.

People should not cut particularly wet tree branches that have fallen or come in contact with electric lines they may conduct electricity. It is prudent to call the relevant authority to come and attend to them.

It is not a good idea to tie your bicycle or motor cycle to an electricity pole as malfunctioning or falling wires could come in contact with your bike and electrocute you. People should report any fallen electricity wires or any suspiciously dangling wires to the national power utility.

Insure Your Property Against Weather Hazards
If you can afford please insure your house, car, crops and any other valuable property from weather hazards like storms.

This can keep your stress levels very low. Losing a house, car or any form of property can be a very stressing experience that can slump you to a depression. Insuring your property can give you peace of mind and good health.

Giving insurance companies liability over your property can give you assurance. Remember to keep yourself safe because you are the most valuable thing your family can have. No amount of life cover can replace you.

Never Drive Through Flooded Rivers
Motor vehicles are quite buoyant in water and are easily washed away even by water that is barely half a metre high. Cars or Trucks spread their weight evenly on their wheels and that gives water a great surface area to dislodge them off the bridge. For this reason, people should never cross any flooded river or a submerged bridge. Other safety tips for driving in wet weather include checking brakes, tyres and wipers before embarking on long journeys.

Drivers should exercise extreme caution in wet condition. They should reduce speeds at all cost to avoid unnecessary accidents. Tarmac surfaces may be oily during the rainy season and this could make the road slippery. It is advisable to stop driving during a storm but if you have to drive for whatever reason don’t tailgate – that is following closely to the car in front. If the car behind is tailgating you slow down and let it over take you.

Don’t Use Electrical Gadgets During A Storm
Do not touch any electric wiring during a storm as this can potentially carry electricity from a bolt of lightning. Make sure you remove electrical gadgets before you hear the first rain drop otherwise after that it is too late and you could be exposing yourself to lightening. Stay away from sinks, tubs and toilet seats during a storm.

Plumbing material can conduct electricity from lighting strikes. Most houses are earthed from plumbing water pipes to the ground. This passage of electricity can also be used by electricity from lighting.

If you suspect that your home may be flooded during a storm pull down the main power switch. Afterwards when you have dried your home call a competent electrician to assess and ensure that it is safe to put up the main power switch again.

Using The Right Rain Boots

Rain boots are very useful during the rain season and protecting your feet from mud. Whether you need a pair of waterproof boots to walk your feet’s in the rain or you want to keep your feet dry while gardening, finding the right boots is essential. Safety Rain Boots We Recommend; Total Safety Wellington BootWet Master PVC Boot S5

Using Reflective Raincoat

The reflective raincoat is a safety sign made of strong reflective material on the basis of the structure of the upper and lower body and the shoulder symmetry or other parts without changing the structure of the existing raincoat. Therefore, the raincoat can generate a kind of dazzling reflection light through the illumination of street lamps or lights and natural light to remind the front and rear vehicles to be alert and achieve safety during rainy period. In the case of poor rain, the reflective raincoat serves as a traffic safety protective suit. Reflective raincoats can be divided into conjoined reflective raincoats, split reflective raincoats, reflective rain pants, and so on.The main principle is retro-reflection. The surface of the reflective strip is covered with dense particles, that is, glass beads. When a beam of light is irradiated onto the surface of the glass bead at any angle within a certain range, the microbeads are concentrated due to the high refractive index of the glass beads. On the back surface reflective layer, the reflective layer returns light to its source along the incident direction, thereby acting as a safety alert.