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12 Jul Fire Safety: The costs to businesses and individuals
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Fires in the workplace can have massive effects on both businesses and individuals.  A serious fire can often result in a company closing for good and the cost to individual workers can be far greater.In addition to the loss of life and physical inju..
12 Jul Staying Safe During The Rainy Season
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There are several news around incidences where people continue to put their lives in danger because they have attempted to work against the forces of nature.These are safety tips to take you through this rainy season. Water exudes an unconceivable fo..
12 Jul Proper Use of FFP1 Valved Dolomite Fold Flat Respirator During This Pandemic
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Alongside other preventive measures, wearing a face mask may help slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Different types of mask are available for people to wear during the current pandemic.Currently, research suggests that th..
12 Jul The Importance of Super HV Ear Protector At Work Place – PS41
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These Super HV Ear Protector have a yellow high visibility design perfect for working outdoors, with a foldable design allowing these ear protectors to fold down to a palm size.Product informationHi-Visibility color for increased visibilityAdjustable..
12 Jul Saving lives and minimising damage
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Means of escapeBuilding features that are designed to allow people to get away from danger to a place of relative safety are given the name ‘means of escape’.  Buildings are often divided into compartments that are separated by fire resistant walls a..
12 Jul Fire control methods
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Control measures are precautions taken to reduce hazards and risks.  Fire safety control measures can generally be separated into two groups: Fire Prevention (stopping fires occurring)In most cases fire prevention involves simple measures that can be..
02 Aug Emergency Plan at the Workplace
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A responsible person has a legal duty to provide an emergency plan specific to the premises.  As with the Fire Safety Risk Assessment, this must be recorded f you employ five or more people (including part time workers).Where appropriate the emergenc..
02 Aug Stopping Fires Occurring
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HousekeepingHousekeeping refers to the general tidiness of the building.  Good housekeeping is an essential part of fire safety and will minimise the risk of:Causing a fire.Helping a fire spread.Hindering a safe evacuation.Obstructing access to fire ..
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