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Model: V1950
Designed in a striking colbat blue, the Velocity IGS trainer is an eye-catching safety shoe that provides incredible protection and grip. Constructed ..
Ex Tax:₦36,125.51
Brand: Base Model: PS59
Innovative design Bump Cap. Maximised ventilation thanks to the side mesh and wide open windows on the inner shell. Modern textile design with reflect..
Ex Tax:₦7,275.00
Model: FM003
SaniFog Big is a portable nebulizer for indoor disinfection. IDEAL FOR: Offices and Shops, Bus and Ambulances, Bars, Restaurants and Hotel rooms...
Ex Tax:₦79,000.00
Model: FM001
Nube is a system for indoor disinfection, composed of a nebulizer and equipped with a head with 4 disinfectant nozzles...
Ex Tax:₦650,000.00
Brand: Base Model: A310
The Nitrile coating on the Flexo Grip Glove give enhanced abrasion resistance. Ideal for auto repair, construction and other sectors.CLICK TO VIEW DAT..
Ex Tax:₦466.56
Brand: Base Model: A300
Fully coated nitrile knitwrist glove designed for applications that require additional abrasion resistance. Tough nitrile coating prevents grease, oil..
Ex Tax:₦1,092.88
Brand: Base Model: C377
Constructed using MeshAir breathable fabric which allows air to circulate and keeps the wearer cool and dry in hot working conditions. This vest incor..
Ex Tax:₦3,892.88
Brand: Base Model: C476
This two-tone option in our executive vest range features several practical pockets a dual ID holder d-ring and a radio loop. It is available in a ran..
Ex Tax:₦3,825.40
Model: RS32
ZENEX™ Padlocks S32 Series-38mm  Keyed Differently..
Ex Tax:₦11,327.10
Model: RS31
ZENEX™ Compact Padlocks S31 Series-38mm  Keyed Differently..
Ex Tax:₦10,273.57
Model: RS31KA
ZENEX™ Compact Padlocks S31 Series-38mm  Keyed Alike Differently..
Ex Tax:₦11,029.81
Brand: Base Model: KS63
The S563 is an excellent, hardwearing jacket. The polyester fabric combined with the ripstop pattern provides an extremely strong yarn with improved t..
Ex Tax:₦10,975.92
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Don't miss out on our fogging solutions. They are perfect for keeping COVID -19 out of your premises.

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